Faith Calendar

Up Coming Events At Faith

Below you will find additional information regarding up coming events at Faith.  All events at Faith are ultimately designed to encourage our members to grow in their love for and their walk with Christ!  Some events require the purchase of a ticket to attend, but that money is directly applied back into the ministries of Faith after we make sure the cost of the event is handled (if possible).

Women Of Faith Prayer Meetings

Ladies Prayer Meetings- Winter Edition

Our Ladies will begin a series of prayer meetings on January 14 in our Rock Sunday Shool class at 6:00 pm.  The meetings will continue weekly until February 11.  Ladies, come join us for prayer and fellowship.

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Judgment Journey 2024

After MUCH prayer and asking God for direction - Faith has prayerfully been led to restart Judgment Journey in the fall of 2024.  Many portions of the trail will be completely replaced and rebuilt from the ground up.  Our vision is to present a bigger and better Judgment Journey experience for our visitors. We are asking for help and for individuals, corporations and churches to come along side of Faith and assist in the restart of Judgment Journey.  If nothing more than fervent prayer is what you can help us with, then that is a tremendous asset.  But if you can do more, then we could use assistance with funding and materials for the rebuild.  Listed below are items and methods to assist Faith in the Judgment Journey rebuild process. If you would like to donate building materials and supplies, please contact us directly at,, or 706-884-3100.

  Corporate donors may contact our Corporate Judgment Journey Director, David Barr, at

Our church address is 552 Hammett Rd., LaGrange Ga. 30241.