God has always met and exceeded any financial need of Faith Baptist Church, its mission outreach support, or any other outreach endeavor. He is faithful if we will be faithful to follow Him. If you would like to be a part of this ministry in a financial way or if you need to pay for an event; please press the "Donation (Payment) Button" below and enter your information.

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All proceeds received by Faith Baptist Church are prudently and prayerfully disbursed for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are very careful to ensure that all funds are accounted for and properly disbursed. Thank you in advance for assisting the ministry of Faith Baptist Church. If you require additional information please contact us at the church office via telephone - 706-884-3100 or via email at faithbc@faithlagrange.com

Thank you for caring enough to give.

Please be aware that you will receive an email advising that your donation has been completed very shortly after completing the transaction.  If you encounter ANY errors during the giving process - CHECK YOUR EMAIL BEFORE ENTERING THE GIFT A SECOND TIME!!!  Occasionally an error may be encountered and the transaction appears to fail, but it is actually completed.  Please notify us at the number/email noted above if you encounter any problems.

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